A Little About Me

Born in 1987 I am an artist based out of Kolkata India and My name is Argha. I started my journey as a photographer in 2009 which lead to photographing people till 2011 and finally I started photographing weddings in 2012. I started my journey as a freelance photographer and it has filled me with purpose and joy but I never felt so blessed by photography as when I am photographing a wedding. At weddings, I am most visibly myself — the walls I walk around with come tumbling down under the forces of joy, anxiety (and sometimes a bit of alcohol). To document that experience, the relationship of friends, families, and a couple launching a new stage in their life, is an incredible feeling. People have always believed in savoring the moments, because the only things we will be left with are these memories, depicting the weight of each minute detail. These stories illustrating the events can breathe love back into your life, and that’s where I come to play.

I am driven by love, passion, enthusiasm. Most importantly I love weddings and so wedding photography is the natural choice for me. When I look back, I see this as one of the most beautiful decisions I have ever taken.

I aim to make your moments memorable forever, to be cherished later. I prefer the quiet moments, the in-between moments, I think those inner monologues say a lot more about a person than any cheesy over posed moment contrived by a photographer. We’ve been a witness to such beautiful moments in small marriage halls, as well as grand palaces. But regardless of venue, it’s the people that I’ve come to cherish. Being part of someone’s big day is a special thing.

So if you are excited about the same thing as I and want to make your memories eternal, please let me know – I would love to meet with you and talk about the logistics of this Love/Journey we will embark on.